Danlamp bulb ignites the greatness of the past in the present ...


 Danlamp – high quality incandescent lamps.

 Danlamp is the sole manufacturer of incandescent lamps in Denmark and has been a leading force in the development of lighting sources since 1931. We manufacture individual decorative lighting for businesses and churches and highly specialized lamps for shipping and traffic signals. We also offer consultancy for lighting solutions. Danlamp can secure a bright future for your business with high quality Navigation lamps, traffic lights, decorative lighting and professional lighting.

 Danlamp bulb light creates a unique and special atmosphere.

 Danlamp’s aim is to become your preferred partner and vendor of light bulbs and lighting solutions. Danlamp offer unique knowledge and expertise within the technology of light bulbs, and as the only European vendor we hold our own production facilities as well as labs for test and measurement.  Danlamp is the shortest way from idea to product – your gateway to all necessary competences and a durable and decorative solution.
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